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Toasty June

A greater dose of sunshine for most areas will cause temperatures to bump up a few degrees. The incremental rise in temperatures continues on Friday with most communities experiencing temperatures of 2-5 degrees above normal.

Meanwhile, periods of light to moderate rain are forecast for Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert thanks to a quasi-stationary low pressure system for today and Friday.

Watch for the development of heavy downpours and thunderstorms, particularly over northern BC this weekend. Strong, gusty winds may accompany the passage of the system.

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The 500 mb animation above shows the dominant feature to be a quasi-stationary upper low sitting just west of Haida Gwaii. This feature will remain here through Friday bringing periods of rain to the northern coast. Ahead to the upper low, a ridge of high pressure from Hawaii up to the NWT will keep most of the BC interior and BC south dry and sunny except for isolated thunderstorms along the BC-AB border.

Over the weekend, moist southerly flow will introduce the chance for scattered showers and possible potent thunderstorms, particularly over the northern half of BC on Saturday. The upper low then moves into the interior of northern BC on Sunday bringing the potential for widespread moderate rain with embedded heavier rain due to thunderstorms.

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