AvCan Webinars

Catch up with our AvCan webinar series.

We've reached the end of our 2022-23 webinar season, and what a season it was! Thank you to everyone who joined us for sessions.

We'll be back next winter with a brand new set of webinars, but in the meantime you can catch up with anything you missed below.

Missed a webinar? Catch up here:

Recognizing Avalanche Terrain and Trip Preparedness with BC AdventureSmart.

Are you new to the backcountry or looking for a refresher? We focus on the basics of avalanche terrain, how to recognize and avoid avalanche terrain, what equipment is needed and what resources are available. Join our Avalanche Canada forecaster, Simon Horton, to decipher the nuances of terrain, recognize hazards and help you safely route-find on your adventures this season. We will also cover trip planning and preparedness with a presentation from BC AdventureSmart. Sponsored by MEC.

Summits, Stoke and Two-Stroke: Sled specific strategies for a safe season.

Winter has finally started to arrive and the stoke is high! Join us for a free webinar on managing that stoke and setting yourself up for a safe, fun season season. Beyond the basics, some sled specific considerations will be discussed, as well as touching on a sledder near miss from last season. Sponsored by ISMA.

The Ice Climbing Atlas

Is ice climbing your passion? Avalanche Canada hosts the Ice Climbing Atlas, created and developed by professional ice climber, Sarah Hueniken, and Grant Statham, Avalanche and Mountain Risk Specialist for Parks Canada. Join us to find out more about the ice climbing atlas, how it can help you plan your day's outing, and how you can get involved as we expand this project. Sponsored by The North Face.

Avalanche Canada's new map and new tools.

Does the AvCan home page map look a little different to you? It is, but it is an improved product which will bring more detail and specificity to your backcountry adventures. Join our forecaster to learn the practical tips on integrating this resource into your daily trip planning. We'll update you on all the new tools and resources that can be found at avalanche.ca.

Off the Line

Sometimes avalanche incidences occur because people thought they were in the right place, terrain-wise, but instead they were just slightly off the line. There can be a fine line between safe terrain and an avalanche accident. Join Avalanche Canada long-time forecaster, Grant Helgeson, to review a case history, discern the nuances in terrain and choices that were made, and glean helpful tips for staying on the right side of the line this winter. Sponsored by Garmin.

Choosing Terrain for Snowmobilers

Join our Northwest field team for this fun and engaging session looking at a variety of terrain and "choosing" where you would go under varying conditions. Terrain is always the answer to backcountry fun and safety. Sponsored by Mammut.

Choosing Terrain for Skiers

This winter is a tricky one and smart terrain choices is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe. Join Avalanche Canada forecaster, Colin Garritty, as he leads you through a variety of images and exercises to help hone this skill. Sponsored by MEC.

Split Social: a gathering with Canadian splitboard pros.

Join our panel of Canadian splitboarding experts including athletes, guides and community stokers to celebrate the sport in lieu of the 2023 Canuck Splitfest. We hope to unite the splitboarding community as we touch on the progression of splitboarding, opportunities for growth, and pursuing passions. Open questions are welcome during the live discussion. Sponsored by Garmin.

Beyond AST 1.

Feeling stuck after obtaining your AST 1? Wondering how to get out safely, where to find partners, how to find the right terrain for your knowledge base and continue to progress? Wondering how to get some mentorship? Join a panel discussion on how to move through that mindset and continue to progress as a backcountry user when AST 1 is the only thing officially under your belt. Sponsored by BCA.

Celebrating International Women's Day.

March 8 marks International Women's Day and to celebrate we’re hosting a special webinar with women who chose careers in and around the avalanche industry. Join our panel discussion as these inspiring women share their journeys, their challenges, the rewards, and the lessons of a career in the snow. Sponsored by Arc'teryx.

Spring Conditions

Yearning to get out on those long days later in the season? Spring conditions can mean many different things depending on the weather, the snowpack and the region. Join Yukon field team member, Drew Nylen, to decipher the details that you need to clue into to have both fun and safe backcountry adventures. Sponsored by Teck.

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