AvCan Webinar Recordings

Catch up on recordings of our AvCan webinar series.

This season our webinars are back. We're hosting webinars focusing on various aspects of avalanche safety, geared towards different user groups. Check out the schedule here.

Missed the live event? Catch up with the videos:

Webinar 1: One Stop Shop

Get the low down on how Avalanche Canada tools can make your winter safer. This webinar is full of helpful tips and tricks and it's suitable for all backcountry users.

Webinar 2: Recognizing Avalanche Terrain and Trip Preparedness

Are you new to the backcountry or looking for a refresher? We focus on the basics of avalanche terrain, how to recognize and avoid avalanche terrain, what equipment is needed and what resources are available. Join our Avalanche Canada forecaster, Colin Garritty, to decipher the nuances of terrain, recognize hazards and help you safely route-find on your adventures this season. We will also cover trip planning and preparedness with a presentation from BC AdventureSmart. Sponsored by MEC.

Webinar 3: Powder, Power, and Pitfalls. Leveraging social media and the MIN for a safer winter.

Social Media and the Mountain Information Network (MIN) can be important tools in our backcountry decision making toolbox, but how do we make use of these powerful platforms while avoiding their considerable pitfalls? Explore how the digital can support your outdoor adventures with South Rockies field technician Jennifer Coulter as she strives to build a resilient online avalanche community and improve public safety. Sponsored by MEC.

Webinar 4: Staying Alive.

Learn from the experts! This evening focuses on various resources in the Revelstoke area including RMR, Parks Canada, RevSAR, Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and Avalanche Canada. There are many tips to glean that will help you stay safe this winter in the backcountry. Troy Leahey, local guide and long-time patroller from RMR and Nick McNutt, pro-rider of deep pow legend will also present. Sponsored by CBT with support from RMR.

Webinar 5: Understanding the Nature of Avalanche Problems

What are the various avalanche problems? How do these affect the danger ratings? This webinar digs deeper into the avalanche forecast so you will be better informed and make better decisions in the backcountry. Join Avalanche Canada forecaster, Simon Horton, to understand the nuances and character of these problems - and how to avoid them. Sponsored by The North Face.

Webinar 6: Ready to Rescue?

Join Avalanche Ambassador, Chris Rubens, as he shares details on responding to an avalanche involvement in Kokanee Bowl last season. Practice and training created a successful outcome. Avalanche Canada field technician, Drew Nylen will join the conversation and highlight the essential gear and critical training tips so you know how respond if your group, or another group nearby, is involved in an avalanche. Sponsored by MEC with exclusive avalanche footage from Rubens and Forecast Ski Magazine.

Webinar 7: Choosing Terrain for Skiers

Terrain choice is always the answer to having a safe, fun day out in the backcountry. Join Avalanche Canada forecaster, Grant Helgeson, as he leads you through a variety of images and exercises to help hone this skill. Sponsored by MEC.

Webinar 8: Getting the Most of the Mountain Weather Forecast

Interested in learning more about the weather, how to predict it, how it will affect the snowpack, and what it means to your riding? Are you a weather fanatic and keen to dig deeper into the complexities of weather? Find out how to best utilize tools found on the Mountain Weather Forecast and related weather apps with guest speaker, Lisa Erven, from Meteorological Services of Canada. Sponsored by MSC and Mammut.

Webinar 9: Choosing Terrain for Snowmobilers

No matter what your preferred mode of travel is, terrain choice is always the answer to having a safe, fun day out in the backcountry. Martina Halik, our avalanche technician from the North Rockies, will do a quick review of avalanche terrain basics and then lead you through a variety of images and exercises to help hone this skill. Sponsored by Ski-Doo and Polaris.

Webinar 10: Vancouver Island Conditions Update

Join us for a presentation by forecaster and Vancouver Island field technician Colin Garritty on how to get the most from Avalanche Canada's Mountain Information Network. Colin will also be giving an overview and update on the first year of Avalanche Canada's Vancouver Island field program, and will wrap up with a snapshot of the Island snowpack and upcoming local events. Sponsored by BCA

Webinar 11: Avalanche Forecasting in Newfoundland

New avalanche forecasts launching in Newfoundland! Don't miss this if you recreate in this vast eastern province.

Webinar 12: Conditions update in the North Rockies and NW Inland.

This is a mid-season tune up! Join Avalanche Canada field technicians to hone in on the various snowpack and weather conditions currently in these regions. Half of the webinar will be focusing on N. Rockies and half on the NW Inland forecast region. Sponsored by Garmin.

Webinar 13: Spring Ski Traverses, planning and the Daily Process

Are you dreaming of a spring ski traverse or backcountry basecamp? Join our Yukon field team as they share tips on how to plan for spring conditions; what the morning meeting entails (decision making!) and utilizing resources and decision-making tools to help keep your days safe. Sponsored by Outdoor Research.

Webinar 14: The Daily Mindset

Join our panel of pro-riders from various disciplines talk about how they set their daily mindset prior to each outing. Are they stepping out? Keeping it mellow? Discover what questions they ask and how they weigh various factors to help keep their day fulfilling, fun and safe. Sponsored by Mammut.

Webinar 15: Transition to Spring

Spring is a dynamic time for the snowpack. Join our Avalanche Canada forecaster to distill the key aspects of the lengthening days and warming temperatures and how these affect your backcountry travel. Sponsored by Arcteryx.

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