Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up in the late snowboarder/guide's name to grant a maximum of $1,000 in bursaries each year to individuals who wish to enroll in the Avalanche Operations Level 2 course offered by the Canadian Avalanche Association ( Note: A grant has been awarded for 2021. The next application date is May 31, 2022.


To donate online to the Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click on the button below and select the Craig Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund from the drop down box. If you prefer to donate by cheque, please download and complete this form and mail it to the Foundation's office.

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Application Process

Applicants must be snowboarders pursuing a career as a guide or as an avalanche professional, and they must meet the qualification requirements for the course. To apply, download and complete the grant application found here. Candidates will be selected based on their application, which must include the application form, a cover letter elaborating on their snowboarding background both recreationally and in the workplace, and their resume. Please send the completed application to or via mail to the address specified on the application by September 30.

All applications will be reviewed by the ACF Grants Committee. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified. It is the responsibility of the student to enroll and pay for the course. The scholarship will be awarded upon successful completion of each module of the Level II course.

Remember the purpose of your application is to showcase your skills and suitability for your chosen grant. To make sure your application is as effective as possible, consider ensuring your work is presented in a professional style and has been checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can use a free tool, such as Grammarly if you’d like extra support with this.

Submit both the application form and cover letter to the ACF no later than September 30 at: