Member Information

Membership is open to any individual or corporate supporter of the Foundation.  An individual who donates $25 or more, or a Corporation which donates $250 or more, becomes a member of the Foundation for one year and receives our biannual newsletter.

Activities of the Canadian Avalanche Foundation
The activities of the Foundation include fundraising and granting of funds in support of public safety initiatives. Since its formation in 1999, the Canadian Avalanche Foundation (CAF) has provided 1.5 million dollars in support of public avalanche safety, education and research. The Foundation does not engage in any operational activities other than those related to fundraising, granting, and the required administration.

The Canadian Avalanche Foundation encourages you to become a member, in support of public avalanche safety initiatives.

The Foundation recognizes the key role played by the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) in providing the Public Avalanche Bulletin and related information services to the public. The CAF will accept grant proposals from the Canadian Avalanche Centre to offset the costs of the Public Avalanche Information Bulletin. The Canadian Avalanche Foundation contributions in support of CAC public safety programs has reached close to $100,000 annually.

The Foundation will also consider providing financial support to proposals from any organization which provides a bona fide snow avalanche safety initiative beneficial to the general public and which is consistent with the objectives of the CAF. For more info on CAF grants click here.