Support the CAC

Private industry contributions are absolutely essential to helping us maintain our current level of public safety services such as our Public Avalanche Bulletins and to providing a foundation for us to develop new services. 

One of the prime benefits of  sponsorship is the “associated value” we both bring to the partnership. Sponsoring the CAC links our sponsors with avalanche industry leaders in Canada and other prominent organizations within the CAC community. One hundred percent of CAC sponsorship contribution goes directly to supporting delivery of our public avalanche safety services.

The CAC has 4 sponsorship levels:

  1. Presenting Partner - $25K+
  2. Stellar Sponsor - $11K- $25K
  3. Supporting Sponsor - $5K - $10K
  4. CAC Contributor - $2.5K

Each level has different benefits. To learn more about becoming a sponsor and the benefits sponsorship can provide, please contact Jennifer George: 250--837-2141 ext 229 or email jgeorge at avalanche dot ca.