Student Resources

Program Resources

These resources are available for use by current Industry Training Program students and for those interested in applying for the various ITP courses.

Enrolment Contract & Waiver of Liability

CAA Student Policies and Retest Fees

Retest Fees - Valid until March 31, 2014:

  1. Level 1 Retest = $125 (applicable to town-based Level 1 course only)
  2. Level 2 Retest = up to $400 (one participant); $200 each (two participants or more).  Subject to change according to the nature of the retest (for example snow profile = half day vs. field trip skills = full day)
  3. Level 3 Retest
    1. Oral presentation only = $321.75
    2. Written report only = $371.25
  4. Level 3 challenge exam
    1. Written & oral presentation = $693

Note that all retest and challenge exam fees are solely based on covering instructor costs.

Course Goals & Objectives (DACUM)

Listed below are the course profiles for each of our professional-level courses. These DACUMs outline the course goals and accompanying learning objectives. Learn what a DACUM is and why it's important.

Course Marking Schema

Listed below are the course marking schema for each of our professional-level courses. If there is not a marking scheme below for the course that you are interested in, it is because the evaluation consists of a final quiz based on the concepts presented. For these courses a passing mark of 71% must be obtained to complete the course successfully.

Prior Learning Assessment Application - NEW

NEW as of September 6, 2013

Prior Learning Assessment application

Prior Learning Assessment - reference form

Use these forms when applying to:

  1. have a CAA course prerequisite waived. For example, you would like to take the Avalanche Operations Level 2 course but do not have the Avalanche Operations Level 1 prerequisite. OR
  2. be granted equivalency to a CAA course. For example, an international worker requiring an Avalanche Operations Level 1 certificate in order to meet a ski area's patrol requirements.

Send completed form to

Letter of Intent

Use this template to confirm your intent to take an AST 1 or 2 course prior to the Operations Level 1 OR an AvSAR/Intro Weather course prior to the Operations Level 2 .  This letter may be used during the on-line registration process in place of a certificate.  This only applies to those who do not already have the prerequisite course.

Cancellation Insurance