CAA Governance

CAA members are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of avalanche safety, and are committed to life-long learning and pursuit of excellence in their fields. The documents to the right reflect the codes and policies governing our members. These documents are dynamic  and open to revision to ensure they remain relevant and an accurate reflection of the reality of our work.

To be a world leader in avalanche awareness, education and safety services.

The CAA is dedicated to bringing the avalanche community together to develop knowledge and understanding of avalanches, facilitate communication, promote professionalism and provide quality avalanche education. Specifically, the purposes of the CAA are:

  • To represent persons who are professionally engaged in avalanche work in Canada.
  •  To establish and maintain high standards of professional competence and ethics for persons engaged in avalanche safety programs.
  • To exchange technical information and to maintain communications between persons engaged in avalanche safety programs.
  • To establish and maintain standards of education in avalanche safety.
  • To organize training courses in all aspects of avalanche hazard control for professionals.
  • To promote and to act as a resource base for public awareness programs about avalanche hazards and safety measures.
  • To promote research and development in avalanche safety.



related attachments

  • CAA Constitution & Bylaws are the rules and regulations that govern our association and its members.

  • CAA Code of Ethics serves as a guideline for our members’ professional behavior.

  • Continuing Professional Development ensures our members maintain the highest level of training and expertise in their field.

  • Advertising Guidelines Guidance for members, sponsors, stakeholders and others in the use of CAA logo, name, acronym and corporate identity.