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We have finished writing Avalanche Forecasts for the season. Refer to our Spring Conditions page to see general guidance on backcountry travel in the spring months.

Early Season: Tue, 27 Apr

The avalanche danger is variable and can range from Low to High. Travelling early in the day is recommended, as conditions can change rapidly in short periods of time due to daytime warming. Pay careful attention to the integrity of the surface crusts formed overnight and rising air temperatures during the day. Dry slab avalanche danger may also exist during spring snow storms. Field Observations for your area may be available at the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Mountain Conditions Report Website: http://www.mountainconditions.com. More Spring Conditions Details - http://www.avalanche.ca/pages/static-page/spring-conditions

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Weather Forecast

SPOTWX is a resource for weather forecasts at a local scale.

The Avalanche Canada Mountain Weather Forecast is a good resource for understanding the weather at a regional level.

More details can be found on the Mountain Weather Forecast.