Honourary Directors

The Canadian Avalanche Foundation / Fondation Canadienne des Avalanches is a registered charity formed to prevent or minimize avalanche risk to the public.

We are extremely honoured to have such a diverse and distinguished group of people supporting our Foundation as Honourary Directors.

The Honourary Directors are:
  Honourary Director Peter Fuhrmann
Peter is retired from the position of Mountain Safety Specialist for the Mountain Parks of Canada's National Parks. Peter has been key in the development of mountain safety programs in the mountains in Western Canada. As an Executive member of the Alpine Club of Canada he was instrumental in the development mountain huts and programs in Canada
  Honourary Director Peter Spear
Peter began ski patrolling in 1962 with the Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSPS), and continues as an active patroller at Lake Louise where he has been for the last 40 years. In 1967 he began teaching CSPS avalanche courses (to patrollers and the public), and as National Avalanche Training Officer, upgraded the course as a predecessor to today’s Recreational Avalanche Course. In 1997, he developed a one hour avalanche awareness course in Calgary for high schools students, that is used extensively in Western Canada. He was also the driving force behind the SNOWSMART curriculum program. Peter’s dedication to avalanche safety education has earned him awards from the CSPS and the CAA. He is a retired teacher and mountaineer and now operates a summer guiding company, Peak Endeavours Inc.
  Honourary Director James K. Gray
For more than 50 years, Jim Gray has been engaged in the oil and natural gas exploration business in Western Canada. He has participated in a wide range of community activities and projects. Among his current activities, he is Chairman of the Canada West Foundation, a member of the Board of Governors of the Calgary Academy, a Director of the Max Bell Foundation and Honourary Life Director of the Calgary YMCA. He sits on several corporate boards and devotes much of his time to his family and the community.
  Honourary Director Geoff Freer
Geoff began his work in ski area avalanche control in Montana, then followed with avalanche research and education with the National Research Council. In 1974, Geoff participated as a core member of the Snow Avalanche Task Force for the Province of British Columbia, which led to the implementation of a snow avalanche management program for transportation, recreation and land use throughout the Province. In the early 90's Geoff changed his focus to transportation, mining and mineral exploration as a director and assistant deputy minister for the Province of British Columbia. Geoff was a founding Director of the Canadian Avalanche Association and recipient of an Honorary Fellowship Award from the American Avalanche Association. In 2002, Geoff was awarded the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal in recognition of his contributions to public service. Geoff leads a consulting firm managing infrastructure projects and served as the Vice President, Venue Construction for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
Honourary Director Margaret Trudeau
In November 1998 Margaret's son, Michel was tragically killed in an avalanche accident in British Columbia. Since then the Trudeau family has been working with the Canadian Avalanche Foundation to reduce alpine accidents by raising public awareness
Honourary Director Peter Schaerer
Peter is the retired Head of the National Research Council's Snow Avalanche Section, responsible for avalanche engineering related research for transportation, industry and residential purposes. Peter is a recipient of the Order of Canada for his contributions to avalanche safety work in Canada and the world.

Honourary Director Donna Broshko
Donna has worked as both a teacher and school councillor and has over 15 years experience in the education of children. Married to Dave, Donna has two daughters, Kari and Claire, and in her heart, a son Scott who was tragically taken in an avalanche during a school trip on February 1, 2003.  Donna holds a B.Ed., M.Ed. in Counselling and a Chartered Directors designation.

Honourary Director Chris Stethem
Chris is President of Chris Stethem & Associates Ltd., Snow Safety Services, a consulting company specializing in avalanche protection and snow management. Chris is Past President of the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.