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New - CAC Throttle Decisions Snowmobile

Throttle Decisions is a fast-paced video series aimed at encouraging mountain sledders to become better trained in avalanche safety. Its components move through the AST course, tackling topics such as terrain, companion rescue, mountain weather and how to read the avalanche bulletin.

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The Fine Line

A 16MM Avalanche Education Film - The world's greatest snow sports athletes join leading avalanche professionals to bring you a new movement in avalanche education.

$20.00 plus tax and shipping

Time Is Life

Medical training in avalanche rescue - In this pesentation you will find the most up to date information on the medical aspects of avalanche rescue.

$45.00 plus tax and shipping


Fracture Character in Compression Tests

A scientific look at what is going on in compression tests and what the results indicate in regards to avalanches.

$10.00 plus tax and shipping

A Dozen More Turns

A documentary about backcountry skiing, avalanches and how the "human factor" - non-scientific, emotionally-spurred miscalculations - can have dire consequences. Based on a true story about five friends, experienced outdoorsmen who collectively possessed significant avalanche training and experience, who venture off on a multi-day hut trip in southwestern Montana. The film powerfully depicts how their pursuit of powder and desire to eek out a few extra turns results in tragedy. (30 minutes)

$10.00 plus tax and shipping

Know Before You Go

A film created to introduce avalanche education to high school and university aged backcountry users. Amazing footage (Teton Gravity Research) of professional skiers, boarders and snowmobilers caught in avalanches is shown. This film illustrates that professional backcountry skiers and boarders have knowledge and experience about avalanches which helps them decide when it is safe to ride big terrain and when it is not. This film promotes becoming "Avalanche Smart" by taking an avalanche course and practicing with avalanche equipment. (17 minutes)

$10.00 plus tax and shipping

Introduction to Avalanche Awareness


This short (9 minutes) DVD is an excellent introduction to anyone new or unfamiliar with backcountry avalanche awareness and education. A good place to start.

This short (9 minutes) DVD is an excellent introduction to anyone new or unfamiliar with backcountry avalanche awareness and education. A good place to start.

$10.00 plus tax and shipping

Take Charge, Leading a Companion Rescue

This DVD is produced by Backcountry Access and addresses how to respond to an avalanche and how to deal with a backcountry rescue.  (20 minutes)

$10.00 plus tax and shipping

A Little Respect

Little Respect is appropriate for elementary school students. Covers alpine responsibility code. This is a great DVD to view for a school group that is going to the ski hill. (Has both French and English versions on the same disk).

$15.00 plus tax and shipping


More indepth than "Little Respect," good for grades 5 or 6 through 12. Covers the alpine responsibility code, how to ski and board responsibly, hill safety and touches backcountry use/rescue. Narrated by professionals with good backcountry stories. (English)

$15.00 plus tax and shipping