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The Avalanche Journal - The Voice of Canada's Avalanche Community

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NEW - Avalanche Control Blasters Log Book v2.0

This log book has been designed to record information about explosives deployed and any resulting avalanche activity for avalanche control missions using explosives. It is applicable to a wide range of control settings and deployment methods. There are notes in the back pages for assistance in filling in the fields using consistent recording terminology.

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Avalanche Accidents in Canada Volume 5


Avalanche Accidents in Canada Volume 5 1996 – 2007 examines 105 fatal avalanche accidents over a ten-year period, in which 155 people lost their lives. Volume 5 continues a long tradition of expert analysis, offering invaluable educational opportunities. This new volume also includes many features new to the series, designed to help readers get the most from the information. Included are terrain ratings, tabulated warning signs, and extensive use of relevant text from the public avalanche bulletins. In addition, seasonal weather and snowpack summaries aim to help readers to better understand the link between the specific weather of a winter and the resulting accident patterns.

$10.00 taxes included

NEW - Avaluator v2.0

The new Avaluator 2.0 is the next generation of our innovative approach to avalanche safety for backcountry users. The Avaluator will help you identify and interpret the most important weather and terrain observations, and guide you through to an informed decision.  The checklists were derived from an extensive survey of Canadian avalanche professionals with the goal of duplicating, as much as possible, the assessment expertise of the professional community. As with the original, our new Avaluator 2.0 will provide you with a consistent, cautious approach for trip planning and terrain evaluation. We hope to see the new Avaluator 2.0 in your hands this winter!

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NEW - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

Are you ready to take the next step in your avalanche education? Our new fieldbook is for advanced backcountry users, and supplies a framework for managing avalanche terrain that is similar to that used by professionals.  There is guidance for planning trips, support for decision making in the field, and advice on post-trip reflection. The fieldbook also contains valuable insight into the specific characteristics of different avalanche problems. With this information, users can zero in on the most relevant observations and risk management strategies for the current conditions. With the CAC’s new fieldbook, users are provided with a consistent, systematic approach for risk management and decision making in avalanche terrain.

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CAA ITP Avalanche Course Field Book v5.0

CAA Industry Training Program
Avalanche Course Field Book Volume 5.0 2010
This is the field book students will be using on course.
Contains the new North American Danger Scale, Weather Obs, Profile Obs and Avalanche Obs pages as well as various other hint sheets, stability analysis and rating sheets, equipment checklist, wilderness first aid basics, field notes and Parks Canada Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale. This publication also includes the Extended Column Test and the Propagation Saw Test.

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NEW - Training Manuals


This is a resource manual for any employers sending workers without professional avalanche training into the mountains.

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Avalanche Search and Rescue Response

This manual is intended for trained and equipped organizations and provides peer-reviewed industry research as well as best practices of national and international rescue teams.

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Avalanche Incident Management

This is a manual for managers of teams that may respond to avalanche incidents.  The purpose or the Avalanche Incident Manual is to develop commonly accepted and applicable national standards based on best practices.

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Set of 3 manuals

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The Avalanche Handbook - 3rd edition, McClung and Schearer

The goods on avalanches. The student manual for CAA professional training courses, but with lots of accessible and relevant material for backcountry users of all scope and calibre.

$23.95 plus tax and shipping

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain - Bruce Tremper

Our recommended book for the amateur recreationist who wants to step it up a notch and "get after it". 

$24.95 plus tax and shipping

Backcountry Avalanche Awareness, 8th Edition, Bruce Jamieson

The essential introductory text for recreational avalanche safety. The course manual for Avalanche Skills Training level 1. Possibly the worlds bestselling avalanche safety book. Can you afford not to get it?

$8.95 plus tax and shipping

Free Riding in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Jamieson and Jennie McDonald

Backcountry avalanche awareness written with freeriders in mind

$8.95 plus tax and shipping

Sledding in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Jamieson, Darcy Svederus and Lori Zacaruk

Backcountry avalanche awareness for mountain snowmobilers.

$8.95 plus tax and shipping

Observation Guidelines and Recording Standards for Weather, Snowpack and Avalanches

The technical guide for snowpack, avalanches and weather observations for professional avalanche safety operations and research in Canada.

$18.97 plus tax and shipping

Guidelines for Snow Avalanche Risk Determination and Mapping in Canada

A technical supplement to its companion publication, Land Managers Guide to Snow Avalanche Hazards in Canada. Describes concepts for determining avalanche risks and contains proposed guidelines for avalanche mapping and acceptable risks.

$20.00 plus tax and shipping

Land Managers Guide to Snow Avalanche Hazards in Canada

This guide is intended to assist land managers in Canada and their consultants with recognizing and mitigating potential snow avalanche hazards that might affect existing or proposed fixed operations and facilities in their jurisdiction.

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Snow Avalanche Management in Forested Terrain

Snow avalanches are a common phenomenon in most mountain ranges of British Columbia and forest damage is a natural occurrence. Forest harvesting on steep slopes in areas of high snow supply can create new avalanche start zones. Snow avalanches starting in recently harvested areas can damage new plantations, destroy downslope forest resources, and lead to soil loss and site degradation. Snow avalanches can be triggered by forest workers or winter recreationists in steep cutblocks; that is, in areas that were not prone to avalanching prior to harvest.

This handbook addresses snow and avalanche phenomena in a forestry setting and presents a risk assessment procedure suitable for incorporation in the terrain stability field assessment process. The handbook outlines harvest design and silvicultural strategies to reduce the risk of avalanche damage resulting from forest harvesting. Strategies for managing avalanche risks in winter are presented. An extensive bibliography is included, along with links to relevant publications, data sources, and resources available on the internet.

$28.95 plus tax and shipping

Boulder Mountain Photo Map

This photo map was designed and created in partnership with the Snowmobile Revelstoke Society, Arrow Helicopters and the CAC. It gives a good overview of the popular sledding areas on Boulder Mountain in Revelstoke, BC.

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