Avalanches and Snowpack 2011-12

The images displayed here have been provided to the Canadian Avalanche Center for information and education purposes only. The CAC thanks these individuals and organizations for their contribution to avalanche safety and education. Unauthorised use and distribution of these images is not allowed without express permission of the owner. Anyone interested in using these images for any purpose sholud contact Mary Clayton, CAC Communications Director:, 250 837 2141 ext. 228. If you have images you'd like to contribute or if you have questions or comments please contact Karl Klassen, CAC Public Avalanche Warning Service Manager:, 250 837 2141 ext. 227.

The point of these is not to provide detailed information about specific locations or slopes, rather to raise awareness of avalanche conditions in general and to help backcountry recreationists recognize avalanche terrain that may pose a risk while the current condition persists.

Before venturing into the mountains please check the latest conditions on the CAC's Avalanche Bulletins.