Avalanche Awareness Days

Organize an Event in Your Community

View larger imageMt Seymour Avalanche Awareness Days | Photo: Craig Doram

In the winter of 97/98, the Canadian Avalanche Association recognized a need to better educate the public about the hazards of avalanches and celebrate the efforts of those who work in Avalanche Safety. It was decided that the most effective way to reach a mass audience was to organize an annual event. Over the past 12 years, Avalanche Awareness Days has been gaining momentum to become a popular public event in mountain communities across Western Canada. 

These events are an opportunity for backcountry beginners to "Learn, and live" from avalanche experts (like you!) in a safe environment. We hope that participants will have a positive first impression to “avalanche awareness” and keep building their backcountry skills for years to come.

Each winter, we not only raise avalanche awareness among thousands of backcountry beginners but we also raise thousands of dollars to support the CAC’s Public Avalanche Bulletins - thanks to the support of our sponsors, gear manufacturers, local businesses and all of the good people who volunteer to make these events happen!

The information presented on this page is intended to help you organize your own local event. The attachment contains activity, promotion and support ideas for your own Avalanche Awareness Days event.

If you have any questions, please email programservices at avalanche dot ca. or call the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC), at 250-837-2141. Thanks for your interest in helping to keep the backcountry safe and enjoyable for everyone!

The more volunteers involved, the more successful we’ll be, so thanks for your interest in helping promote avalanche awareness and education in your community. 

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