Do You Duck Out-of-Bounds?

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Do you like to ski, board or sled in the backcountry with friends or family? Do you know how to read avalanche bulletins? Do you carry the proper gear: transceiver, shovel and probe? Can you recognize avalanche terrain? Do you know what to do if caught in an avalanche?

Before heading out into the backcountry, everyone, including you, needs to create an awareness of what we are getting into. The CAC has created this site for youth to learn more. We want you to have fun but play safe. Our number one recommendation is to take  an Avalanche Skills Training course. Do you have time to play on the computer?  Click here to try our Online Avalanche Course. This will take you a couple hours (you can come and go) but will give you some good background before you sign up for an AST course. Check out our Facebook page, Behind the Lines.

Not sure of what gear to bring with you or where to start? We have a Backcountry Checklist (French Version) from Parks Canada and a list of the Right Gear from AdventureSmart which includes the 10 essentials and a Trip Plan. Print out one of these lists and get in the habit of going over it prior to every trip. It may seem like a lot of gear but making sure you always carry the right gear can save your life!

An excellent way to learn more about avalanches and backcountry travel is to head out there with an experienced mentor. You want to learn from people who have knowledge and experience and who take the proper precautions to stay safe. These mentors have a wealth of knowledge to share... tap into it!

Before heading out, get in the habit of checking the avalanche bulletins and the weather forecast. For the weather, check out the left side bar for the different types of forecast and data available. 

Our Canadian wilderness is a special place. The backcountry can provide a lifetime of learning, good memories and fun times. Learn as much as you can about avalanche education and then KEEP learning!

"The most important item to pack when you head into the backcountry is humility."

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