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Avalanche blasting may require a Transport Canada
approved Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP)

If you are avalanche blasting, you may be required to have a Transport Canada approved Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) to transport explosives, even if off-road, by snowmobile, snowcat or any other powered vehicle.
An ERAP requires:
• emergency response advice first by telephone, then by an expert visiting on site;
• specialized equipment; and/or
• a response team to reduce the effect of the dangerous goods at the accident site.
When you transport or import dangerous goods, it is your responsibility to find out if an ERAP is required.
To learn which explosives and quantities require an ERAP, please contact Transport Canada’s Transportation
of Dangerous Goods Directorate by:
• telephone: 604-666-2955; or
• email:
To learn more or to view sample ERAPs, visit our website at and click on Emergency Response Assistance Plans. 

New Avalanche Control Blasting Instructional DVD - On Sale Now for $25

The CAA is just finishing off its new Avalanche Control Blasting Instructional DVD.  Check out below one of the chapters in this new innovative educational DVD from the CAA.  Go to our store to order your copy today.

Avalanche Control Blasting Instructional DVD from Canadian Avalanche Association on Vimeo.



Professional Members Eric Dafoe, Jim Phillips, Scott Aitken and Doug Tuck in online video on avalanche control at Rogers Pass and Duffey Lake, BC.

Avalanche Road, On Assignment from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.