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Japan Avalanche Network

View larger imageAvalanche operations level one in Japan | Photo: Ian Tomm

The Japan Avalanche Network (JAN) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 for the purpose of avalanche education and information sharing. The CAA and JAN have been working together since 2001 to provide professional avalanche training and certification programs to Canadian standards in Japan. Currently, CAA and JAN offer the Avalanche Operations Level 1 course every year, and the Avalanche Operations Level 2 course every two years, and the success of these programs show their keen interest in Canadian-style professional avalanche risk management systems and training.

JAN has a strong information-sharing membership network of observers. This network has two components— SNOWBBS is a general information-sharing website for snow, avalanche, weather and terrain information much like the CAA’s InfoEx, and SPIN (Snow Profile Information Network) is a custom-built, web-based snow profile data entry and graphing website for JAN members. This network has formed the backbone of Japan’s first standardized public avalanche bulletins, launched in January 2012.

The CAA is proud to call JAN a partner. To find out more about JAN, please visit