Programs & Services

Fostering a World-Class Professional Operating Environment

The programs and services of the CAA have helped to create and continue to foster the world-class professional operating environment for front-line avalanche safety operations in Canada. 

  • Through the Industry Training Program, the CAA develops and provides technical training courses for professional avalanche workers (See Training).
  • CAA members are recognized internationally for their expertise in avalanche safety work (See Members).
  • Front-line organizations rely on the CAA for a wide variety of operational support services (See Industry Services).
  • The CAA establishes technical standards for avalanche work and for communication between avalanche workers in Canada. We publish several documents which serve as reference, establish standards, and facilitate communication between avalanche workers (see Publications).
  • The CAA website is a repository for avalanche and snow-science research, and is also a central point for member companies to find qualified workers (see Resources).
  • The CAA provides issue resolution, representation and advocacy services for the community of professional avalanche operations in Canada (see Community).